RealTime Recording  

  The website you find here is a geocities site I made back in 1998. Other than adding this introduction I have not changed anything about the site. You get to enjoy it in all its original glory. Bad DOCTYPEs, angry Microsoft rants, and all.

  There are some problems. The site counters are no longer online on the front page and I'm missing one image in the links section under music. The email addresses no longer exist. Very few of the external links work. Many of the animated GIFs (especially the third party ones) relied on computers being slow and now run way too fast.

  The site was handcoded (badly) in a text editor on an Amiga 1200. Almost all of the imagery was made on the same Amiga 1200. The discography links should work, or at least I can update them to work as the music modules they link to are still on Aminet. One of the things I'm most proud of are the scrolling text animated GIFs which were generated by an Arexx script controlling Personal Paint. This was one of my first productive attempts at programming for the web.

  I've been meaning to put this piece of 'history' online for a little while now since I stumbled across it in one of my Amiga archives. I finally got the inspiration to do so when I came across by, here's the twitter post

If you want to listen to some of my current tracks you can find them here.

My twitter (photos, rants, friends) is here @PeaEyeEnnKay